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We mix creativity, strategy & passion to achieve your goals

We pride ourselves on being a successful design agency serving over the world. With a rich history dating back to 2019, we've supported over 20+ startups, helping them achieve their goals and ROI. We are a global agency specializing in UI/UX Design, branding, motion graphics and Web development. Ofspace has a team of experienced, passionate designers and developers who collaborate closely with their clients. We have designed 80+ projects to maximize the potential of the world's best companies. 

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What We Believe as Top Creative Agency

Successful digital solutions come from creative minds. Our strategic choices that are fit for the startups and future.


We solve problems creatively, turning challenges into success.


We use insights & strategies to find unique paths for startups.


We bring your vision to life, ensuring your brand stands out.


We design and dev magical products, brands & experiences.


People truly value our creations and stand out in the market.


We ensure top quality and professionalism in everything we do.


We develop skills and mindsets that drive client’s rapid innovation.


Our approach uncovers new opportunities and offers for users.


With proper dedication we meet client needs successfully.


We never promise what we can't do or can't deliver your project on time.


You can count on us for reliable & punctual project completion agency


Delivering on time and build trust is our commitment to your success.

How We Work?

We make it simple and effective. We understand your needs, brainstorm ideas, collaborate with you to refine concepts, and deliver finalised designs.



We take time and listen carefully to your needs, goals, and vision.

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We create custom and best solutions just for you to meet your demand.

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We work closely with you every step of the way to ensure satisfaction.

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We improve our designs based on your valuable feedback and insights.

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We present the final, polished designs to you on time to fix perfectly.

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Values That Make Us Unique

The beginning of everything is an idea, and we make it a reality

Find out the faces and personalities who make up Ofspace and bring the agency to life every day.

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Start Your Career With Ofspace

Be part of a passionate, driven, and dedicated team to partnering with best companies globally.

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Community members discuss their projects at the Ofspace digital agency.

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At Ofspace we build, grow and thrive with our clients.

What clients love to Tell about us

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The ability to design breathtaking interfaces but a good user experience is rare. They are very good at this.

The team provided an organised and well-structured Figma project for the design, which helped us to build the website easily. We have shared most of the feedback through Figma. But they were also available for quick meetings and discussions.

The ability to design breathtaking interfaces but a good user experience is rare. They are very good at this.

Mizanur Rahman, CEO, Dorik, Inc.

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“They were able to deliver everything as promised.”

We were quite pleased with the final output that we got from their team. The UI/UX they helped us with is now a solid foundation that our internal team is continuously developing. Everything was delivered in a timely manner and they were also very responsive whenever we have questions or concerns. More frequent updates so we have a better sightline on progress would have been great. But they were already very communicative so this is more of a nitpicking thing!

Angel Herrera, Co-Founder & CEO, Real Estate Company

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The way they laid out their design system to ensure consistency throughout every element of the app was amazing.

We are pleased with both the quality of the outcome, the comprehensiveness of the outcomes, and the on-going support after the project. The team understood the common limitations of developing mobile and web application so they didn't make super flashy designs that makes it difficult to code in the front-end.

Thirawat Thiravanitkul, Founder & CEO, P2P Lending Platform

Ofspace 4 years