The logo for the company athlos.

A platform that leverages the power of competitive gaming to Athlos.

Athlos is a platform that uses the excitement of competitive gaming and a user-friendly interface to connect, monetise, and expand communities on a large scale. The platform allows users to easily access and participate in competitive gaming activities, while also providing opportunities for monetisation and community growth.

A platform that leverages the power of competitive gaming through a plug-and-play User Interface to engage, monetise and grow communities at scale.

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Brand & Communication

As a company, Athlos are focused on the $127 billion games services industry, and believe that the key to monetising live services is to cultivate a large and engaged player base. To achieve this, we recognise the importance of effective branding and communication strategies in establishing our identity and reaching our target audience.

These strategies are particularly crucial for esports organisations, as they allow us to stand out in a crowded and competitive market.

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Logo Explorations

We are influenced by the aesthetic design or style of the first era of video games in creating the logo for Athlos. The first generation of video games refers to the period of time between the late 1950s and the early 1970s, when computers were first used for entertainment purposes and the first digital games were developed.

 We found that first-generation gaming used elements like simple graphics, bold colours, and limited number of visual elements, to be visually appealing to the users.

Brand Guideline & Design System

In order to effectively represent the warm and inspiring atmosphere of the nativeness, the visual identity of the brand needed to embody these same qualities. To achieve this, the we used a combination of innovative, simple, and fun design elements, including a minimalistic approach enhanced with bold, explosive colours.

All of the brand's visual materials, including the logo, website, and print materials, were designed with this cohesive and cohesive visual identity in mind.

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Visual Design & Mobile App

In order to create a product that is easy to use and intuitive, we focused on keeping the navigation simple and user-friendly. By following well-established interaction principles, we aimed to design a product that was quick and straightforward for users to learn and use.

The main goal was to create a product that would be immediately familiar and enjoyable for users, without requiring any extensive training or instructions.

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What clients love to Tell about us

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The ability to design breathtaking interfaces but a good user experience is rare. They are very good at this.

The team provided an organised and well-structured Figma project for the design, which helped us to build the website easily. We have shared most of the feedback through Figma. But they were also available for quick meetings and discussions.

The ability to design breathtaking interfaces but a good user experience is rare. They are very good at this.

Mizanur Rahman, CEO, Dorik, Inc.

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“They were able to deliver everything as promised.”

We were quite pleased with the final output that we got from their team. The UI/UX they helped us with is now a solid foundation that our internal team is continuously developing. Everything was delivered in a timely manner and they were also very responsive whenever we have questions or concerns. More frequent updates so we have a better sightline on progress would have been great. But they were already very communicative so this is more of a nitpicking thing!

Angel Herrera, Co-Founder & CEO, Real Estate Company

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The way they laid out their design system to ensure consistency throughout every element of the app was amazing.

We are pleased with both the quality of the outcome, the comprehensiveness of the outcomes, and the on-going support after the project. The team understood the common limitations of developing mobile and web application so they didn't make super flashy designs that makes it difficult to code in the front-end.

Thirawat Thiravanitkul, Founder & CEO, P2P Lending Platform